Personal Space Mini Air Cooler Ultra

Powerful Air Flow, quieter and more practical filter paper: Cools you and moists you with fresh air in lower noise!
With more excellent ABS and metal materials and exquisite process, the stability and power of the air cooler is greatly increased,
For Best Results Please Read The Instruction Guide:. PRE-SOAK FILTER:
Place your filter under running cold water until wet. FILL WITH PITCHER:
Place on flat surface & fill tank from a water pitcher. SET AIR FLOW:
Point towards you & adjust the grill to direct air flow.  FILTER CLEANING:
We recommend regular cleaning of your filter. See Product Guide or Care & Cleaning label on filter for instructions.
Humidification Function
Ice and essential oils can be mixed in water to better cool your personal space.
Turn-over type inverting nozzle with capacity of 500 ML.
Safety: The atomization function will stop automatically after six hours of work.
Three Modes Are Available
Blue Light Mode: 3 gears of wind speed + mist.
White Light Mode: 3 gears of wind speed. Note: Please use this mode only when you don’t add water.
Sleep Mode: Press the light button and wind button at the same time, lower decibels and milder winds are available.
Upgraded Washable Bacteriostatic Felt Sponge Filter
More durable: Filter paper containing bacteriostatic factors for less susceptible to bacterial corrosion, besides, It can absorb dust.
Suggestion: more cool after soaking filter paper.
USB Power Supply
Usb Cable Length: 1.8 meters.
Any USB port with output of 5V, 2A can make it work.
USB plug
Car charger
Power bank
Note: It is normal that the “Front USB Port” of some desktop computers is not available. Don’t worry, please use the “Back USB Port” of the host computer. Laptop USB port can be used normally.

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