Multifunctional Abdominal Tummy Wheel

This fitness equipment is designed for abdomnial training, so that you can use the right away and get twice the result with half the effort to make your abdoment flat. As long as you continuet to use it for 15 minutes every day from now on, your dream will soon come true.
BENEFITS OF USING HEALTHY ABDOMEN WHEEL: 1.) Execise the abdominal muscles can make the exerciser control his body better, because the abdomainal muscles belong to the core muscle group, which plays an importand role in stabilizing the body. 2.) The sit ups can better exercise the adbominal muscles, tighten the adbominal muscles, and better protect the organs in the adbominal cavity. 3.) Execise your groin better. There are many capillaries and acupoints in the groin. Doing sit ups can stimulate the blood vessels in the groin, accelerate the blood flow, and treat and alleviate gynecological diseases.
1.Unisex fitness set: designed to work and build the abdominal muscles, for eight pieces of abs, for burning excess calories.
2.Efficient Fat Burning: build a healthy and good figure. supported by two wheels without hurting your knees, and exercise all muscle groups.
3.Three-wheel Support: big wheel matched with the small glide wheels, which is more stable and safe to use. Using high-quality bearings, rolling more smoothly.
4.Metal Bracket & Comfortable Grip: thickened metal bracket, enhanced bearing capacity, more durable. The sponge handle is comfortable, non-slip, and sweat-absorbing. 5.Multi-function: It can be used not only as an abdominal wheel, but also as a sit-up aid. One-button suction cup fixing.

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